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Hey there my yogi friend!

My name is Veronika.


I guide soul-driven beings on their journey towards self-discovery, through yoga and mindfulness. 

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Yoga for Tango

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Through practices that are designed to target the tango dancer's needs, as well as relevent tango exercises and tutorials that connect what you discover about yourself through yoga to your dance, you will experience tango on a whole new level.


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Tango Body: Shoulders

Workshop | all levels

with Diana Cruz and Vero | online

Sunday, May 16, 12pm EST

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Private Sessions + Small Groups

I would love to work with you to personalize or guide you deeper into your practice. Private sessions are an incredible way to get to know your body and develop a self-practice, at your own pace and on your schedule. You can supplement group classes with a single session or we can work together over time to achieve your personal goals whether that is flexibility, strength, or you are working with an injury or any other personal reason.

Additionally it is also possible to schedule small group classes for 3-5 people, at a time that fits your schedule. 

Please note that private and group sessions are only available online and outdoors at the moment. Please contact me for details.


Before I discovered yoga, there was tango.  I was so enamored with tango I needed to learn every thing about it, so naturally it became not just a hobby but a profession. As a teacher I became obsessed with finding the most effective teaching methods. There are so many perspectives on how to dance tango and my search was always to find the most fundamental methods that supported a variety of bodies and promoted individual expression. So along the way I discovered that there was some thing even more fundamental than learning tango steps and that was awareness. For a student to really improve their dance they need to learn about their particular body and not just their physical one. Their emotional and energy make-up is just as important when learning a dance that is all about connection. Personally I found yoga to be the best way to support my tango study in all of these areas. So my teaching has naturally expanded into integrating a yoga practice with dance training.

Yoga and Tango

"Veronika will turn your interest in tango into a passion. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She is able to convey her extensive knowledge of tango clearly and intuitively to suit a students skill level." 




     ON THE CANVAS OF                   BODY, MIND,

             AND SOUL


Yoga has been in my life since quite a young age thanks to my mother who is an avid practitioner and teacher. Although I'd like to think this early exposure planted some small yoga seed, I wouldn't say that I really "discovered" yoga just yet.


It wasn't until I had been dancing tango for a couple of years and started teaching it that I began to seek a complimentary body conditioning practice to stay strong and flexible and able to dance for many hours at a time. I also realized that in order to truly incorporate the more subtle aspects of such a complex dance into my body I would need to work on body awareness more than anything else.

So not knowing where to start, I tried all different kinds of yoga from hatha to forrest, bikram, ashtanga, and others before I discovered vinyasa power yoga through a friend who is also a professional dancer. I looked up the closest vinyasa yoga studio and learned that there was only one, but it only took that one studio to change my life. This was the shiva shakti power yoga studio in Northampton, Massachusetts, and the teachers Brandon and Naima to whom I am so incredibly grateful.


Although I was mostly pursuing yoga for the physical benefits Brandon and Naima showed me that yoga is so much more than the asanas. What I found was a practice that taught me how to see myself, my strengths and weaknesses, my desires, my fears, instincts, habits, feelings, emotions, all of these complexities that make up the human condition, that both move us forward and hold us back. It taught me to meet myself at this edge, to hold myself accountable as well as to be gentle and compassionate, to forgive, to let go. It taught me to seek honesty without judgement, to see even the most difficult truths and not run away from them. It taught me to simply allow myself to be, exactly who I am, in this very moment.


And so I kept coming back to my mat, to be in that place where I could get to know this authentic version of myself.


After maintaining a regular practice for 7 years I began to feel a strong desire to deepen my practice. Life circumstances had taken me to San Francisco, California where I thought I had come to start a new tango journey, a more stable one than the previous 5 years of traveling back and forth from Buenos Aires where I had been studying and training tango intensively. But now, in retrospect, that wasn't really the reason I landed in San Francisco. It was about yoga. The moment I arrived it was as though some one hit me over the head and said, "Now you're going to do yoga every day." I realized in that moment that yoga had gotten me through every challenge I had ever encountered over the previous years and this transition was going to require a whole lot of it. Yoga had become a kind of home for me, no matter where I was.

So I completed my 2 month training at Hot Spot Yoga Oakland, and with the end of it, I felt my time in San Francisco, although very short, had served its purpose and It was time to take the next step in the journey. I knew that step was to come back to Buenos Aires. BA has over the past few years become a place of immense self-growth and personal discovery for me, much like my process on the mat. So I sold off every thing I owned except for the 2 suitcases I came here with and now here I am, just flowing through life one breath at a time.


I currently spend most of my time practicing and teaching yoga, dancing tango, continuing my training in both disciplines, planning special events and retreats, and occasionally picking my mom's brain about her yoga wisdom. I guess some times when the time and circumstances are right even the tiniest seeds eventually blossom. 







         WHO SEES


Phone/Whatsapp (Argentina) +54 9 11 3023 6977
Email veronika.z.kruta@gmail.com
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