Spotlight on the feet


A Workshop with Diana Cruz and Veronika Kruta

Sunday, December 6, 12-2:15pm EST (Live via zoom)

A workshop that blends yoga, tango and other body practices to enhance foot and ankle flexibility, mobility, sensation and possibility in our bodies and the dance. < READ MORE >

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PART 1: Yoga With Veronika | 12-1pm EST


This class will draw on yin and vinyasa style yoga, infused with dynamic mobility exercises to explore our range of motion, flexibility and body awareness in relation to the feet, ankles and calves and consequently, how these areas affect the rest of our body. Emphasis will be placed on becoming aware of what is possible within our own body and where we find our personal edge.


PART 2: Tango with Diana | 1:15-2:15pm EST


Drawing on the practice of biotensegrity and her extensive knowledge of tango, Diana will guide us to understand the role of the feet, ankles and calves in our dance, and what happens when we find our body interwoven with another in the tango embrace. Emphasis will be placed on what is possible between the couple when our body acts as one, and how we discover our new edge together.

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